I have strengthened my digital skills with a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Communication, Web and Social Media Expertise at the University of Geneva which I finished in June 2015. The program covers different aspects such as new business models, digital communication and social media, e-reputation and business intelligence, big data and SEO. Here is my SEO project. You can also visit the ones of my fellow classmates Davide Giamboni, Hutin SéverineLaura BondiMikael Rodrigues LopesPascale Boyer BarresiSébastien DubeySephora Guedj and Flora Hoa Nguyen.

In 2013, I obtained the diploma of Specialist in Vocational Education and Training (VET) [Diplôme de formatrice en entreprise], which is issued by the Swiss Confederation. The dual-track vocational and professional education and training (VET/PET) system is an integral part of Switzerland’s successful education model. Holding such diploma entitles me to educate and train young people and to prepare them for their professional exams and later on, the job market.

From 2006 to 2008 I studied 240 hours of Business Management and Administration. The program was divided into four main courses : strategy & organization, communication & management, economics & marketing and, finance fundamentals & accounting and control.

During 1993 to 1994, I studied at Ecole Moderne de Commerce et de Tourisme in Lausanne and obtained a Commercial Secretarial Diploma, bilingual French/English. With subjects such as accounting, general economics and commercial law on top of more classical secretarial courses, following a bilingual program was quite a challenge as my French at the time was rather basic. I however managed rather well as I graduated with an average of 9.3 out of 10 and the congratulations of the Jury.

At the same time as I graduated from the secretariat program in 1994, I thought useful to confirm my level of English by taking the exam of Certificate of Business English, organized by the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Zurich.

From 1987 to 1990, I went to the Gymnasium of Nya Elementar, option economics, in Stockholm. The Swedish Gymnasium corresponds to upper secondary school. The economics program lasts for three years and strives to develop students’ knowledge of social science, economics, law, business administration and entrepreneurship. An important goal of the program is to improve students’ understanding of how people think, feel and act since such knowledge of psychology is important when making decisions and judgements in all these areas.