Man in the mirror: two principles for better leadership

The article Man in the mirror: two principles for better leadership, from the Australian Institute of Management does not handle leadership from an innovative angle but as a reminder of two basic pillars which probably make the difference between a leader and a successful leader.

The first is about the importance of leading and listening to yourself. If you don´t, chances are that no one else does either.

The second is about your behaviour. As the leader you are the example. By acting the way you would like your team to act, they will because they are affected by their leader´s conduct.


The Halo Effect: The Trap That Makes You Hire the Wrong Person

A team full of good people is an admirable goal for any leader. But there’s a common trap on the road to a goal like this that has snared many a well-meaning hiring manager.

This article by Ben Baldwin and Donald Cowper not only explains the Halo effect but also comes up with three concrete solutions on how to neutralize it.

The article The Halo Effect: The Trap That Makes You Hire the Wrong Person is published on

Wikipedia says: “The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties.

3 Ways You Can Master the Art of Pivoting

The road to business success is rarely a straight line. Do you know when and how to pivot around obstacles as your business grows?

The article 3 Ways You Can Master the Art of Pivoting is written by Brian Moran.

Whether for good or bad reasons, managers need to know when pivot. If you come to a dead end or are faced with a crisis, anticipation is the best way to see through the situation. Preparing what if scenarios is a must. Knowing pivoting timely is also vital to seize opportunities to help business progress.


Wikipedia says: “Pivot is a method for developing businesses and products by changing direction, popularized by Eric Ries.