How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Peer Accountability

As a manager, the goal is to have a team that performs greatly in a conflict-free environment. How is that possible? Joseph Grenny explains how in his article How the Best Managers Create Culture Peer Accountability posted on LinkedIn.

That is by applying the Peer Principle, which basically means concentrating less on vertical performance management and more on peer accountability. Team members are encouraged to handle assessment among themselves, including issues of conflict. By being responsibilized, problem-solving mainly happens directly in the group with minimal involvement of the manager.

The article further describes how to implement such culture. The baseline is of course to be a model yourself – confront your concerns directly with the persons involved rather than complain to others. Further, new expectations, together with useful skills, should be explained and taught to the team using positive, speaking examples.

Investing in the Peer Principle takes time up front” explains Joseph Grenny, “but the return on investment happens fast as you regain lost time and see problems solved both better and faster.”