How to Keep Employees Happy in the Age of Longer Workweeks

The article How to Keep Employees Happy in the Age of Longer Workweeks, published on American Express Open Forum brings up an important subject. The one of increasing working hours. The feeling that we are spending more and more time at work is confirmed by a recent study made by EY. Prevent negative effects such as demotivation and burn out has become a major challenge.

The author of the article, Julie Bawden Davis, gives concrete advice on how to keep a healthy work-life balance when working overtime has become a necessity to stay competitive in the market.

Managers, especially the business owner, tend to work long hours. Employees might think that the same is expected from them – even in times when actually not necessary. This can result in demotivation and a negative impact on productivity. Make sure that team members know exactly what is expected from them as regards working hours.

Hold debriefing meetings once a week to analyze and discuss stress increasing situations and how to avoid them.

Implementing flexibility is an appreciated method. As an employee, it is gold worth knowing that when the workflow lightens, you can take an afternoon off to spend with your kids.

Last, make sure employees know that you are aware of their working hard. Show your gratitude, if possible money-wise with a bonus. It is equally important to thank people individually. Take the time to stop by their office to say a nice, encouraging word.