I have a very unusual interest for a lady of 49 – soccer, or football as we say. But there is a very valid reason: my three men (that is my husband and the boys) are complete football fans. They play football, watch football, discuss football, and if they could, they would probably even eat football.

With time, I have come to like it, watching a match of one of my boys is great fun and when they score, I feel so proud. And with the hours spent watching games on TV, I have come to actually understand the strategies and can now sit and yell and comment just like the others. So as you say – if you can’t beat them, join them – is so true…

I am also very passionate about my job, and management in general. I am constantly striving to improve myself and ways of doing things. I am spending a lot of time doing research on the Web and reading.

Finally, the digital world interpellates me. That is the reason why I have done a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Digital Communication, Web and Social Media Expertise, a diploma I obtained in June 2015.