I am Jessica Mattsson Fargnoli, I am 49 years old and a mother of two wonderful sons (who go under the designation of “the boys”) of 21 and 23. The slight odd thing about me is that I founded a family before undertaking studies and making a career (probably because I met such a wonderful man that it felt natural to start building a future with him rather than thinking of a career…).

I should also mention that I am Swedish but have lived in Switzerland for about half of my life. I am very keen on my Swedish origins and culture as it is a very discreet but beautiful country filled with very discreet but oh so nice, intelligent and otherwise good people.

Discover beautiful Stockholm:

My education is classic but somewhat spread in time (for the reason mentioned below), starting with Gymnasium back in the early nineties, continuing with secretarial and business management schools. Jumping to now, in June 2015, I obtained a diploma of advance studies (DAS) in Digital Communication, Web and Social Media Expertise .

I am currently the executive manager at a boutique law firm based in Geneva, specialized in international arbitration. You can read more on my work experience under the heading of the same name.

Apart from Swedish which is my mother tongue, I am fully proficient in English and French. I have fair knowledge of German, speak daily (as opposite to professional) Finnish and Italian. And like others, I of course speak lots of other languages in tourist-style, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek… I love speaking different languages. Even though it is far from perfect, I just speak, and believe me it has given rise to very funny situations.

I have a very unusual hobby for a lady of 49 – soccer, or football as we say. Read more under the heading Interests.


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